Hudson and Rocket is moving to LONDON

Yes we are!! I’m off on an adventure to live, travel, work, and most importantly … COOK in the Northern hemisphere!  I am beyond excited to experience London and have Europe on my doorstep.  I am on a mission for the next two years to find AMAZING produce, markets, grocery stores, florists, bakers, delis, fromaggeries (I can never pronounce it properly so let’s go with ‘cheese shop’), juices, coffee, salads, treats, healthy eats and not so healthy eats, yoga spots, parks, rooftops, veggie gardens, beaches, mountains …. My list could go on and on! My point is – this is where I’m going to let you know about it.

From here on in Hudson and Rocket is growing, not only will I share my recipes with you but I’ll also try to give you snippets of useful (and probably sometimes not so useful) info about all things food, travel and general well being. I’m going to try and share as best I can the things that keep my body and mind healthy – being all about balance this will range from where to pick up your supplies of raw cacao and activated almonds to phenomenal Italian pasta, the most amazing mountains to climb and the eternal search for the best burger.

I’d love to hear your travel/moving tips so feel free to post below! Equally if there’s anything about healthy living in London or healthy travel tips you’d like info on, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll endeavour to check it out. 

Much love and excitement, 

Jess xx

3 thoughts on “Hudson and Rocket is moving to LONDON

  1. Hi Jess, lovely to see you moving in exciting new directions and taking your cooking passion to a whole new level, I’d love to publish some of your recipes in some promotional branded recipe card sets for some of our corporate clients. Can you please contact me so that we can discuss further? Thanks and regards, Maree xx


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