Chocolate, Yoga and Vaginas: Raising $$ for Gynaecological Health with the Lady Garden Campaign

Yep. I said it . . . Vagina, vagina, vagina! Did you know 65% of us have a problem saying the word ‘vagina’ (thanks Lady Garden for the stats). This leaves me baffled to understand how we are meant to care for our gynaecological health if we are too embarrassed to even use the correct word . . . which is why I jumped at the chance to help out and cook some healthy treats for one of the many Lady Garden events being held around the UK this month.

Lady Garden is a campaign started by the Gynaecological Cancer Fund with a mission to change the future of the ‘silent killer’ – gynaecological cancer. By raising awareness and cutting out shyness, shame and embarrassment around gynaecological health, the hope is to encourage women like you and I to talk to those around us and go to a doctor when something isn’t right with our nether regions . . . sorry VAGINA.

This weekend I had the pleasure of baking oh-so-many Chocolate Loavini’s (mini loaves, get it?) for yogis from all walks of life who attended the Lululemon Marylebone Lady Garden event on Saturday 26th September. The beautiful people of Lululemon donated yoga mats for purchase, with all proceeds going to the cause. Stores from all around Marylebone chipped in, offering our yogis all sorts of treats and perks. And I got SO excited because I got to provide chocolatey goodness along side epically great treats from Maple & Fitz and Livia’s Kitchen – could I be any luckier or humbled!

So ‘what are chocolate loavinis?’ I hear you yelling from the bath? They are little gems I have been working on recently with a plan to create all sorts of fabulous variations. The recipe remains a little bit of a wrapped pressie for now but stay tuned because I’m sure I won’t be able to bite my tongue for too long!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to get involved with this amazing cause at Lady Garden. #ladygardencampaign

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