Hey! I’m Jess, lover of simple, real food, good coffee, travel and a sea breeze.

In short

I love to cook, eat and share simple, real, whole & unprocessed food. I have recently relocated to London from Australia to pursue my combined passions of eating, cooking and travelling. My ideal day would begin by hiking a mountain, sharing a thermos of great coffee and some avocado on toast with loved ones, watching the sunrise . . . top it off with an ocean swim and I’m done.


The longer version

My passion for healthy living really took off as I started my career in the health industry as a paramedic and paediatric nurse. Seeing the close link between lifestyle and preventable illnesses (diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, depression & anxiety, just to name a few) turned my love of food and cooking into a new adventure. I started discovering the beauty and simplicity of real, unprocessed, natural food and incorporating this more into my daily life – and so began Hudson and Rocket.

As I started to change what I ate, using more whole, unprocessed ingredients and cutting out sugar, the changes I felt were addictive. Inflammation and pain from a previous back injury disappeared, symptoms linked to PCOS started to resolve, I had more energy and generally just felt a lot calmer in day to day life. And most importantly (I should probably get my priorities right) I loved the food I was eating! So quite simply – I kept going . . . and I’m still going.


What do I eat?

I don’t have any hard and fast rules. Generally I avoid sugar, particularly fructose, as this really doesn’t agree with my digestion. I eat meat, poultry and fish – ideally organic, grass fed, free range and/or sustainably farmed. I eat dairy (avid lover of cheese) and yep I have butter on my toast (with vegemite). I occasionally have gluten – e.g pasta or bread – but I keep this to an occasional as I personally feel a bit bloated when I eat it (I’m not gluten intolerant). I eat other grains such as brown rice, quinoa, couscous, etc. Most of all though – I eat veggies – lots of them! Especially green leafy veggies – I cannot get enough of these and our fridge at home never has enough room for the amount of veggies I buy every week.


Am I ‘good’ all the time?

Hell no! I love a glass of wine or some chocolate. I have found that since cutting out sugar I don’t crave it so I tend to eat a lot less. But – I would never miss out on trying a different foods when travelling or say no to a piece of birthday cake at a special event. I just try to make up for this by eating good fats and green leafy veggies the next day to be nice to my digestion. I think the trick here is – don’t beat your self up about it! Just keep going … eating well will become a part of your every day life – something that you really enjoy.


For me it’s about balance and self-confidence. My beautiful mother always taught me to love what you see in the mirror which brings me to my mantra ‘healthy body = healthy mind’. I enjoy eating, having energy and feeling happy so I just strive for balance, eating whole foods and plenty of veggies. Do what works for you. But above all, enjoy food, appreciate your health and yourself.


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