Pure pancakes 

When everybody is eating pancakes for brekki and you want to join the club but you're sugar-free / gluten-free / on some kind of eating plan .... Pure hell. Nope. Not any more. Hello PURE PANCAKES, come at me! These delicious little morsels are just as good savory as the are sweet. Top with anything … Continue reading Pure pancakes 

Chocolate Goodness Muffins

For those days when you need simplicity, chocolate and goodness. These sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free muffins are easy and quick. They will fill your house with that delicious baked chocolate smell within 20 minutes of walking into your kitchen. Perfect with a cup of tea. Get indulgent with some good quality, organic cream or some … Continue reading Chocolate Goodness Muffins

Avocado hummus 

When you thought hummus couldn't get any better . . . . along came avo!! It's my two favourite things combined into one flavour bomb that I literally put on everything! Get excited . . . 2 x 400g tins of chickpeas - drained and rinsed well 2 x avocados 3 x garlic cloves 1 … Continue reading Avocado hummus 

Broccoli, basil & chilli winter warmer soup

So somehow in our organic veggie order this week we ended up with 6 huge heads of broccoli! There is only so much we can eat in a week and I absolutely hate wasting food, especially beautiful fresh veggies . . . so I decided to turn it into a warming soup with a good … Continue reading Broccoli, basil & chilli winter warmer soup

Coconut & Cashew Choc Slice

 Sometimes I just crave a simple treat to whip up after dinner or to take over to a friends house. This slice is about as simple as it gets and can be made largely from ingredients you will have in your pantry or can pick up at the supermarket on your way home. For those of … Continue reading Coconut & Cashew Choc Slice

Hot Caramel Almond Milk

A steaming cup of this beautiful creamy, soothing caramel milk is such a blissful way to warm your belly on a cold winters day . . . since we just got our first snow of winter in London I thought it might be the perfect time to share the recipe with you. This recipe is … Continue reading Hot Caramel Almond Milk

Pecan, Orange & Fig pleasure balls

  These little balls of goodness have been a go to of mine for a while now, so when Lululemon Marylebone  asked me to provide some treats for their Fuel Happiness launch I couldn't wait to roll some of these out. I added turmeric to help the body form building blocks to boost serotonin and cinnamon … Continue reading Pecan, Orange & Fig pleasure balls

Chocolate, Yoga and Vaginas: Raising $$ for Gynaecological Health with the Lady Garden Campaign

Yep. I said it . . . Vagina, vagina, vagina! Did you know 65% of us have a problem saying the word 'vagina' (thanks Lady Garden for the stats). This leaves me baffled to understand how we are meant to care for our gynaecological health if we are too embarrassed to even use the correct word . … Continue reading Chocolate, Yoga and Vaginas: Raising $$ for Gynaecological Health with the Lady Garden Campaign

Hudson and Rocket is moving to LONDON

   Yes we are!! I'm off on an adventure to live, travel, work, and most importantly ... COOK in the Northern hemisphere!  I am beyond excited to experience London and have Europe on my doorstep.  I am on a mission for the next two years to find AMAZING produce, markets, grocery stores, florists, bakers, delis, … Continue reading Hudson and Rocket is moving to LONDON